The new V50-112 two-channel combo loudly announces the new generation of Crate’s all-tube amplifiers. With dual 6L6 fixed biased output tubes, this bad refrigerator produces the sort of sparkling cleans and warm, thick overdrive that can only come from tubes pushed to their limit. It pumps 50 watts through a single 12" speaker, creating a muscular low end perfect for club gigs and recording sessions. Presence control, spring reverb and foot-switchable boost make sure you can dial in your custom tone from anywhere. Lesser amps will blow their fuses in fear when they see you plugging into a V50-112.

More on new V-Series features!

  • 50 watts RMS
  • Class AB, all tube circuitry
  • 1 x 12" speaker
  • Two channels
  • 2 x 6L6 output tubes, fixed bias
  • Spring reverb
  • Footswitchable boost function
  •   Owners Manual