When you need to send the perfect acoustic signal to the front-of-house mixer, the Crate CA6110DG can get you there in style. With features like XLR & 1/4" balanced line out (with Level control and ground lift), Tweeter Level control, Effects Loop, and footswitch accessible Reverb/Effects and Chorus switching, it's easy to see why the Crate CA6110DG is the leader in its class.

Designed for the performing artist, CA6110DG's 60 watt power amp drives the internal 10” polypropylene woofer/piezo tweeter combination to outstanding volume levels, providing both low end punch and superb top-end fidelity. And since volume without tone just doesn't cut it, the CA6110DG provides two separate channels, each with its own gain, EQ, and reverb/effects controls. Crate's built-in feedback filters make feedback a thing of the past, effectively killing feedback without sacrificing sound quality. We've even included the footswitch for hands-free operation of the feedback filters.

The CA6110DG also features 16 of Crate's stunning DSP effects, including short and medium Slapback Delays, Echo, Chorus, Rotary Speaker, Chorus (with Hall Reverb), and two distinct Reverb modes. These effects were designed specifically for use with acoustic instruments and vocals.

Whether you need the perfect acoustic guitar amp, or a self-contained PA system with digital effects and feedback control, the Crate CA6110DG is all about tone, control, and flexibility.

  • Crate 10" high fidelity woofer and special coax tweeter
  • 60 watts RMS
  • Two channels
  • Auto feedback elimination circuit
  • 16 digital effects with level control
  • RCA CD/MP3 input
  •   Owners Manual