The CA30 Taos compact acoustic amplifier delivers 30 watts RMS and incorporates two inputs, each with its own gain control. Three bands of equalization, with Crate's exclusive Contour control, provide exceptional tone control and minimize feedback. The polypropylene 8" woofer/dome tweeter combination delivers smooth, pristine sound with outstanding projection and fidelity.

The CA30 also features 8 of Crate's stunning DSP effects, including short and medium Slapback Delays, Echo, Chorus, Rotary Speaker, Chorus (with Hall Reverb), and two distinct Reverb modes. There's even a front panel Insert jack, so you can add your own effects, and a Line Out jack for chaining additional amplifiers.

  • Crate 8" high fidelity woofer and dome tweeter
  • 30 watts RMS
  • Two channels
  • 3-band EQ and contour (mid frequency) control
  • 8 digital effects with level control
  • Effects loop
  •   Owners Manual