The CA15 Cimarron compact acoustic amplifier delivers 12 watts of pure musical power and has two inputs, each with its own gain control. Three bands of EQ, centered at critical frequencies, provide exceptional tone control and minimize feedback. The CA15 also features a flip-out locking bar underneath the cabinet, allowing you to tilt the amplifier back for use as a personal monitor.

CA15's handy RCA input jacks allow you to plug in a CD or MP3 player so you can practice along with your favorite music¾you can even plug in a pair of headphones. The Crate 8" woofer/piezo tweeter combination delivers smooth, pristine sound with outstanding projection and fidelity. And if you need a little more coverage, just plug another cabinet into the external speaker jack.

  • Crate 8" high fidelity woofer and special coax tweeter
  • 15 watts RMS
  • Two channels
  • 3-band EQ
  • Spring reverb with level control
  • RCA CD/MP3 input
  •   Owners Manual