Dig if you will the awesome FlexWave120H head. If sheer volume combined with tone so outstanding it should be declared illegal is the action you crave, then put the FlexWave120H at the top of your shopping list. Producing 120 watts of savage power while sporting three channels and built in effects, it’s the perfect head for the gigging maniac. We guess you could use it in your bedroom too if you didn’t mind re-plastering the walls every week.

The FlexWave120H’s FlexWave™ Evolution 5 preamp uses our patented Sequential Channel Tracking™ technology, for a tone with so much balls, it needs a jockstrap. Variable 3-channel operation allows you to switch between twangadelic clean, hot-as-freaking-heck overdrive and tortured high gain channels via the remote footswitch we lovingly pack with each and every unit. With 18 stereo DSP effects, Channel Tracking™ of effects settings, and our proprietary Shape Control circuit for sculpting wicked custom leads, it’s statistically impossible to dial up a lame sound. We highly recommend our Crate FW412A/B 4x12 cabinets for projecting the bold power of the FlexWave120H head into the skulls of your rapt listening public.

  • 120 watts RMS
  • 3 channel operation
  • DSP with separate controls for effects, including delay, reverb
  • CD/MP3 input
  • Effects loop
  • Built-in tuner
  •   Owners Manual