The envy of all weaker amps, the Crate FlexWave65 is a mid-sized combo amp utilizing our now-legendary FlexWave™ Evolution 5 preamp and patented Sequential Cascading Gain™ technology to pump 65 watts of mind-boggling rich, articulate tone through a single 12" speaker. Variable 3-channel operation lets you switch between clean, dirty and saturated channels with the included remote footswitch. Don’t pass out yet, because it includes a whopping 18 DSP effects to add separate delay, modulation and reverb to your sound. Crate’s legendary Channel Tracking™ technology automatically stores your effects settings for each channel and recalls the settings as you switch between channels using the footswitch we include—it’s a dance that can only be described as "beautiful." Dial in the perfect tone by tweaking the overtly musical onboard 3-band EQ, and for even more punishing leads, the Solo channel features our proprietary Shape Control circuit, which, if we told you how it worked, we’d have to kill you.

  • 65 watts RMS
  • 1 x 12" speaker
  • 3 channel operation
  • DSP with separate controls for effects, including delay, reverb
  • CD/MP3 input
  • Built-in tuner
  •   Owners Manual